You’re Invited


Thursday February 26 marks a momentous occasion for  MME and if you are getting married, you can be a part of it. This will be the first of many Private Affair bridal events held at the new MME offices and showroom at 350 Main Ave. N in Twin Falls.

One Fun Photobooth, a part of MME is ranked nationally in the top 5% for Photo booths with 3 local awards and 2 national awards.

Featured in Southern Idaho Bride Magazine and the Times News, MME is more than just a Dj or music, they are a complete one-stop event and wedding company.

This is free and informative. Come meet the staff and pick up some tips and pointers, learn things you never knew about planning a wedding and see some of the amazing things One Fun Photobooth and MME can do for your special day.

To start you off here’s tip number one:

1) Something you never think about

Businesses are licensed and insured for a reason. That is to protect you the consumer. Confirm that the businesses you are dealing with are licensed with the state by visiting the state’s website. Ask to see a current copy of their insurance and tax ID number. Too many times the phone has rang with a hysterical bride that hired a friend of a friend DJ, someone off Craigslist, the cheapest person that “plays music” or a photo booth that has a Facebook page only to have them call and cancel, not show up, or show up and ruin the wedding. Then there are the horror stories of someone getting hurt because the photo booth fell over or a guest tripped on a cord that was not taped down by the “dj”. When asked for insurance papers the photo booth company or DJ disappears and the couple is left paying the medical expenses.

MME Event Group LLC is a registered corporation in the state of Idaho and is fully insured.