Alex & Dash’s Wedding In Sun Valley


Alex and Dash’s wedding is one for the history books. All the family,  guests and staff that braved the fire and smoke will remember it for as long as they live.

One Fun Photobooth was prepared for the smoke and ash of the fire because they provided photobooth services to a wedding the day before in the Elkhorn area. Day two was similar, but with a twist. This time the wedding was being held at Trail Creek Lodge, one of the Sun Valley properties that is nestled between two mountains just past the Sun Valley Lodge. The fire that was raging on the other side of the mountain range had not made it to this side of the road.

The staff of One Fun Photobooth made the decision that if it was safe enough for Alex and her family, then it was safe enough for them so they slowly made their way through the smoke and ash to the lodge. Upon arriving, they noticed the Tara Bella crew working feverishly on the flowers and the staff of Heather Minor Events and Sun Valley Company putting the finishing touches on the wedding. Other than a little smoke in the air, there was a surreal feel about the place. Guests could see the flames licking the mountain about 2 miles away and as the sun slowly set, a colorful glow that was created by the smoke.

20130817_214922Following cocktails,the One Fun Photobooth crew went to work. “It’s what we do.”, Hailey, one of the team members explains, “We put smiles on people’s faces and make sure they have a good time in the booth.” Like a bubble had formed over the tent they were in keeping the worries outside, people drank, danced and mobbed the photobooth for the entire night. “Alex will be getting a great photo memory book out of this.” Hailey continued as she placed another photo strip in the book for a guest to sign, “There are some great shots in here.”

The goal of One Fun Photobooth from the first day they opened. was to provide the very best in photo booth services no matter if it is in Sun Valley, Twin Falls, or Elko, rain, shine or even fire and smoke. It’s more than just a camera with a person snapping a photo, they strive to make sure everyone has a great time in the photo booth. It’s entertainment you can’t get with just a person with a camera. For your wedding or next event, call them. You will see why they won the 2013 Best of Southern Idaho Weddings Award and why they are the preferred photo booth when you are looking for a company that you don’t have to worry about. Just ask Alex and Dash.