Bigger than the Maverick Station opening

Battle Mountain Nevada High School was in for a treat this past Saturday night. One Fun Photobooth came to town for the 2012 Masquerade Prom at the Civic Center. With custom photo strips decked in plum, red and gold, the students gathered at the booth all evening while Music Magic Event‘s Hall of Fame DJ, Sid Vanderpool, spun music videos for their Video Dance Party.

Dressed to the nines and striking poses like Hollywood stars, each couple was able to take home some memories. Unlike the traditional Prom favors that gather dust or get trashed at the end of the week, each photostrip was a personalized memento that can easily be kept for years.

“They are still talking about the Prom.”, said Dave Marz,, the Prom adviser. “It was bigger than the Maverick grand opening and that was real big.”

Check out some of these “vogue” shots here.