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Making Your Wedding Fun In 2017

Wedding Photobooth Fun

When people think of a fun wedding in Sun Valley they think of One Fun Photobooth. Fun is not only their middle name, it’s how they roll. Dates in 2017 for Sun Valley weddings and weddings throughout the Twin Falls, …

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All About Those Props

Idaho Photobooth Props

Did you know that One Fun Photobooth not only custom designs a different photostrip or layout for every wedding and event, they also switch up the props to make sure they match up the theme your style and theme? One …

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Weddings Personalized

Custom PhotoboothThe One Fun Photobooth crew loves to make weddings personal and special. The Superstar package offered by One Fun Photobooth takes personalization to a whole new level by carrying over the theme, colors and monogram that is produced by a …

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Halloween Photobooth Time

halloween-photoboothHalloween, that time of year when everyone can live the fantasy. It doesn’t matter if you are wanting to be the villain or the hero, the ballerina or the skeleton, it’s just a time when you can turn loose and …

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Beyond Personalized

Custom Strips and Photo Memory BookAngie and Richard’s wedding was no ordinary wedding, it was a July 4th wedding with all the flare and patriotism. From the room draped in white and uplit in red and blue, to the custom lighted monogram with animated fireworks …

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