VIP = Very Important Photobooth

Dateline Air Magic Valley VIP Party

One Fun Photobooth flew into the Twin Falls Airport hanger number 4 for the exclusive Air Magic Valley VIP Party last Friday night. Along with their sister company Music Magic Events, One Fun Photoboothwas a hit from the word go. The VIP party held to honor the Blue Angels and the Golden Knights was attended by local royalty including the mayor of Twin Falls Greg Lanting and others.

One Fun Photobooth created a special commemorative double strip that honored both the Blue Angels and the Golden Knights.  All eighty crew members of the Blue Angels were present and a few were brave enough to turn loose and let go in the One Fun Photobooth. Also the Golden Knights did not disappoint with some great shots.

“This was one of, if not the best VIP party we have been to since we have been doing this.”

“Really? A photobooth. Oh my gosh, what fun!” Photos are here!