Buhl Prom Makes History

Dawn Bunn the Prom adviser for Buhl High School was looking at doing the same prom she had produced so many times before. Ticket sales were flat and the interest in the Prom just was not there.

It was a regular school day when Music Magic Events and One Fun Photobooth approached Ms. Bun’s prom planners with the idea of doing something different. Instead of spending the money on prom glassware that would just gather dust, why not do One Fun Photobooth along with the DJ services and specialized lighting decor from Music Magic Events?

The prom committee jumped at the idea, effectively breaking out of the “same old prom” box and the Buhl High School students went wild for it. The first set of tickets sold completely out. Then the second set and then a wait list was made. Over 172 students attended the Starlight and Silhouette Prom making it the largest Prom in Buhl High School history. “When the kids heard we were having One Fun Photobooth and that Music Magic was going to bring in some real cool lighting ticket sales took off.’, said Bunn “Tonight was the best, It was perfect, thank you so much.”

Check out their photos here.

One Fun Photobooth strikes again. Don’t you think it’s time to do something different?

One thought on “Buhl Prom Makes History

  1. Dear Sid and Paige,
    Thank you again for helping us out with our prom Saturday. The kids LOVED it! I have heard nothing but good things about it from everyone who attended. They loved the music and were very pleased that you played their requests so quickly as well as never repeating a song. They loved the light wall and the photobooth was probably their favorite thing of all. We may have begun a new tradition!

    Thanks again-you guys really made it a special night for the kids and they will definitely remember it.

    Dawn Bunn