CBS Reports Photo Booth Rip-Off

One Fun Photobooth has taken up the cause against the cheap imitator photo booth companies now popping up around the northwest. CBS recently produced a news story on brides that got taken by a photo booth company that was too cheap to be true.

It is sad that these brides were robbed of the fun that a photobooth could have brought to their special day. One Fun Photobooth is a real Idaho based company that has a portfolio of satisfied brides and clients from hundreds of events and weddings. They don’t do Groupons or slick whiz discounts because they provide a product and service that can’t be touched.

Your event or special day can be ruined by a fly-by-night companies and “mom and pop I found out how on the internet” companies.  If it sounds too good to be true… Check it out in this CBS news story.