Luck Of The Irish

When Glambia IT specialist Stephan Hanafin and his lovely bride Becky told One Fun Photobooth they wanted kelly green and bright pink on their photostrip design for their wedding celebration on June 16th at the Ballroom, the designers went to work on making it just what the couple requested. The green no doubt represented the emerald isles of Ireland, birthplace of Stephan and the pink well that just had to represent Becky.

One Fun Photobooth makes it all about you. They don’t just slap your name on a photostrip. They know this is something that you and your guests will cherish for a long time. It needs to have more than just your name on it. It needs to say you all over it and remind everyone of the fun and love that was being felt the day of your celebration.

Call today and you might be lucky enough to book one of the last 2012 dates available this wedding season for One Fun Photobooth.