My Heart Belongs to Daddy!

One Fun Photobooth was invited to give the guests of the annual Blue Lakes Country Club Daddy Daughter Ball something special so they brought out what was called that night the “Princess Photobooth”.

Saturday night was the night for Fathers to do something special with their daughters. It was a time for them to get all dressed up and the girls to don the party and princess dresses for a night out of dancing and fun at he Blue Lakes Country Club. One Fun Photobooth was on hand capturing the smiles and the memories.

“We normally reserve the white photobooth for special occasions such as weddings, but tonight we dubbed it the Princess Photobooth and brought in the pink feather boas and tiaras.”, explains Sid Vanderpool, owner of One Fun Photobooth. “Once the girls figured out what it was the booth was packed all night.”

After dancing to the Music Magic Events DJ and taking hundreds of photos all night, the little starlets and  their dads left with a bounce in their step, a smile on their face and a handful of memories that will be in photo albums for their grand kids to cherish one day. Check out some of the fun here. Once on the page click on the BLCC Daddy Daughter link and by-pass the login.