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Most everyone has been in a photo booth at some point their lives.  It is such a simple yet fun way to remember a special time in your life.  One Fun Photo Booth will allow your guests to keep a memento of the great time they had at your event for years to come.  Our booths are not like the ones you find in the mall.  Our booths can hold up to 10 people for fun group photos, and lets face it, everyone loves to be crazy when they are in a photo booth and the more people the more fun.

All of the strips and photos we produce for your guests are customized with the colors, theme, logo and text for your wedding or event by our in-house graphic designer. Your guests will walk away with a one of a kind memento every time.  You can choose the traditional photo strip or depending upon the event can go with the 4×6 photo “grid”.

In addition to the unlimited printouts, photos from your wedding or event can be placed in our Facebook page for sharing and on-line in our website photo gallery usually with in 48 hours of your event.  You and your guests will not only be able to go view all of the photos taken, but they will also be able to order copies of any photo that was taken in just about any size they want for a small charge.  We do value your privacy, so if you wish, we are happy to password protect your photos.

Check out your options below:

Traditional Style Photobooth

Traditional Style Photobooth

 You have spent a lot of time and energy ensuring that everything is just right for your special day. Our traditional style booths are very professional in appearance with either dramatic white, classic black or rustic burlap style draped enclosure that will easily blend in to any theme to not take away from the event itself.

The last thing you want is some ‘big ugly box straight out a carnival” sitting in the center of the room.  Even at a million dollar affair in Sun Valley our photo booths fit right in and received raves from couples and event planners. The traditional style enclosed booth is only 4’ wide and 6’ long and can go just about anywhere with a flat surface. It is even light enough to go up stairs if needed.  Plus all we need is a standard electrical outlet.

Open Air Style Photobooth

Open Air Photobooth

Extremely versatile we can set up as an “open space” type booth that will capture photos with a unique backdrop such as barn door, sequins and even mermaid. Imagine having all your guests photos being taken with the perfect backdrop of the Sun Valley  mountains or that classic barn. This style of booth is gaining popularity because it can handle larger groups. 

Magic Mirror Booth

Magic Mirror Photobooth

The Magic Mirror Booth is a sleek, attractive showpiece with a compact footprint. It features a massive full length touchscreen mirror with an integrated digital display. Colorful animations greet your guests and encourage them throughout their photo session. At the end, they are invited to sign their creation, right on the mirror!

There are copycat mirrors out there, but none are like our Magic Mirror Photobooth. It is the only mirror photobooth of it’s kind in Idaho. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen and it’s only available from One Fun Photobooth!

Red Carpet Affair Photobooth

Sun Valley Red Carpet



Red Carpet Affair Photobooth

We also offer our services in the form of a red carpet booth that will give you and your guests a paparazzi feel. This option includes  our “red carpet stars” step and repeat backdrop, red carpet, and even the velvet ropes just like those used at Hollywood galas and events. All photos are printed out one the spot while your guests wait.

Green Screen Photobooth

Green Screen Photobooth

You don’t have to go anywhere to really go somewhere with our green screen photobooth. If you want your guests to be at the beach or maybe treat them to a NASCAR type winning photo our green screen system is perfect. Ever wanted to be on the cover of a magazine? we can do that also.

Flipbook Photobooth

Flipbook Photobooth

Flipbooks, that crazy party fad that is now sweeping the country can now be found at One Fun Photobooth. The One Fun Photobooth Flipbook is a 30 page 2″X 3″ book made from 6-7 seconds of video that when flipped with your thumb creates an instant entertaining movie from the motion of the pages. In under five minutes your video is converted into a take-home Flip Book.  The first flip book appeared in September, 1868, when John Barnes Linnet created one of the first versions of moving pictures or kineograph.

A lot has changed since then and with the use of cutting edge technology this old novelty is back.  One Fun Photobooth is offering flip book services to the Sun Valley, Twin Falls and Idaho areas. The One Fun Photobooth Flipbook system allows guests to create instant flip book movies from videos taken live, on the spot. Now Stars can have all those moves, dances and funny faces packaged up in a neat little book. The Flipbook system is a completely new system that is separate from the photobooth.