How does the photo booth work?
It’s very simple. You and your guests will step inside the booth, press a button, and smile as the photo booth takes up to 4 pictures of you having a blast.

How are you different than the other photo booth companies out there?
We are the modern version of the old bulky photo booths. You get the experience of an authentic photo booth.  Your guests will have fun cramming in and taking pictures together in a real photo booth.  There are some other booths out there that are no more than a handmade wooden box with some wires inside and drapes added…but we are the real thing but in a smaller more portable package!  There are some that use a web cam…we use an actual camera that produces first rate photographs!  There are some that you enter and simply stand in front of a camera; you have a photographer for that…with us you will have fun in a real, authentic photo booth!

How many people can you fit inside?
We may be portable but we are not as small as we look. Being an ADA rated booth we can fit up to 10 people inside or two wheelchairs and 4 people behind them, maybe even more depending on how creative your guests are!

What is the “slideshow”?
The booth has the ability to have a monitor attached to the side.  The photos from your event will play in a rotating slideshow on the monitor.  This will allow your guests to watch all of the great photos that have been taken during the event!

When and where do the photos get printed?
The photo booth will actually print the photos right there on the spot! It takes about 30 seconds for the photos to come out.

Are they all color photos?
One Fun Photobooth can print color or black and white photos!  Your guests will be able to choose which style they want once they are inside.  It is as easy as pushing a button.

How does the Photo Memory Book work?
Next to the photo booth, we will setup all the supplies needed to allow your guests to create a one-of-a-kind photo keepsake for you.  Guests will receive 2 copies of their photo strip and will be directed to the table with the memory book where they will be able to place one of the photo strips and a personal note to you.  You will be able to look back at this special Memory Book for years to come and not only see your guests best wishes for you, but see them as well!

Will someone be there with the photo booth?
Yes, there will be a trained attendant there the entire time to encourage your guests to enjoy the photo booth and help anyone that my require it.

How many photos can we take?
Your guests will be able to take as many photos as they want in the time period we are scheduled to be there.

What kind of quality are the photos?
We use high quality photo equipment.  Your photos will come out with photo lab quality; they will not fade, smear, or distort.

Can I get a copy of the photos that are taken?
Yes you can.  Our Superstar Package includes a digital copy of all of the photos taken in the photo booth at your event on either a DVD or USB thumbdrive.

What if we need the photo booth setup upstairs?
Not a problem. Our booth is portable and mobile so we are able to setup in most any location.

Can it be used outside?
As long as the weather permits it, yes. But it needs to be in an area sheltered from the elements including sun, wind and rain. Plus it needs a flat level surface.

How much room will you need for the booth?
The booth measures  only 4’W x 6’L x 6’H, but needs some space around it for people to wait, try on props and sign the memory book.