A Green Prom Season Is Upon Us!

One Fun Photobooth will be seen at a number of area high school proms this year. With the trend leaning towards being more “green” schools are taking notice that the “favors” such as engraved glasses and matchbook size memory books are getting chucked in the garbage 90% of the time.

When it comes to “green “Prom favors hands down One Fun Photobooth has it covered. They use a non-chemical process that develops prints on the spot within seconds of them bring taken. These prints are created using the same process regular photos use and are not printed on an ink jet printer. As favors they can be kept in books, taped in lockers and even kept in a wallet. Try that with a glass beer mug. They don’t even have to be washed or dusted and since the are easy to care for they don’t get thrown away with the trash.

If you are in high school join the other schools that have gone “green” and give us a call today. 208-736-7268