Twin Falls Chamber Afterhours Hit!

tfcafIt was a little breezy and there was a chill in the air but in between hot soup, apple cider and pumpkin cookies, the Twin Falls business elite took time out for a little fun. The traditional Chamber Afterhours had a little twist just in time for the holidays. Music Magic Events was debuting their One Fun Photobooth with a special Holiday Stimulus Package for company holiday parties.
Curiosity was evident as people stared over at the strange looking curtained booth and mumbled wondering exactly what it was. After about an hour of people coming over and getting their new custom holiday edition photo, people finally fell in as to what it was, the latest new trend in party fun, a photobooth with a customizable output. From then on, even the accountants, attorneys and wayward sales people had to have their photos taken in the booth. At the end of the event, it was labeld a huge success, the hit of the evening!

Dates are booking up for this holiday season. Call 736-7268 to reserve your date.