Your Wedding Photobooth

So many people ask what is so special about One Fun Photobooth compared to other “cheaper” companies out there.

  • One Fun Photobooth is part of the MME Event Group LLC or Music Magic Events company, a national¬† award winning event company built on providing their clients with the very best in service with every detail covered. They are a real business in a real office (350 Main Ave. N, Twin Falls) that you can visit and plan the photobooth experience you want for your guests. They have an Idaho business license that let’s them legally conduct business in Idaho, business insurance so your guests are covered in the event of an issue and lastly have been trusted participating members of the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce and Visit Sun Valley for many years.They are not someone with a computer and a camera that has a Facebook page and claims they are a photo booth or someone that works from their home and bought some equipment on ebay.
  • Every wedding One Fun Photobooth client in Twin Falls, Sun Valley and all over the state of Idaho and Nevada gets personalized treatment and a design that is unique to their special day. Their designer is top of the line and has produced some of the finest magazines in the northwest. That quality an be seen in every design he produces.There are no cookie-cutter or purchased templates here.
  • The options that One Fun Photobooth has are endless and are only limited by your imagination. They love to create unique experiences for weddings.Tunnel vision and lack of flexibility are the sad truth when it comes to some photo booth companies. Even though they can claim they are just like One Fun Photobooth, in the end it is like comparing a grade school performance to an evening on Broadway.

“Having the One Fun Photobooth was one of the highlights of our wedding….all the guests loved it!! I had so many people come up to me & say how much fun they were having in the One Fun Photobooth & it definitely had everyone laughing. The props were a blast & my photo guestbook came out adorable! The attendant did a great job of putting the pictures in the book & having our guests sign it. I would HIGHLY recommend One Fun Photobooth for your wedding….it was awesome!!!”

In this day and age when just about anyone with a camera is calling themselves a professional photographer, the same goes for photo booths. One Fun Photobooth would like you to read the bullet points above and think about it. Is your one special day, you wedding, where there are no do-overs the place were you really want to cut corners on the service that is capturing memories of the day that you could potentially share with generations to come? Call One Fun Photobooth today 208-736-7268